WitTank – Edinburgh Fringe review/school report

A strong end-of-year presentation by the WitTank boys, who display a strong grasp of the key concepts of sketch comedy

WitTank: the School

This year, Boyd, Cooper-Jones and Osmanoglu have applied themselves well, particularly in the area of sketch comedy. Their presentation “The School” showed them to be extremely able performers. They engaged with all aspects of public school life, focusing on the people who attend, be they staff or pupils, and poking fun at them for comical purposes. They have been diligent in their researching of these aspects in preparation for skewering, such as the losing of pupils’ surnames and bombastic school anthem. They have benefited from having a focused subject, whereas in previous terms they have let their mind wander.

They are well-liked in class, and gained further popularity with their portrayal of the obsessive choir master who assembled a band onstage. Cooper-Jones earns a strong merit pass for this fine piece of work. Ozmanoglu is a confident and enthusiastic public speaker, and displayed a flair for drawing attention to himself on entering class. Boyd has seen fit to engage with public opinion and apply restraint to his hairdo, and his attainment levels have responded in kind.

They also excelled in their depiction of a demanding Japanese parent with a high-achieving child, and earned extra house credits for avoiding racism.

A special mention goes to all three for keeping concentration despite considerable disruption in class from the school smoke machine, which decided that it wanted a slice of the action. Though the machine’s contribution was very much appreciated, it did not figure in the pre-prepared lesson plan, and Boyd, Cooper-Jones and Osmanoglu showed an admirable strength of purpose that will serve them well in their chosen professions.

These three have a strong grasp of the key concepts of sketch comedy, and their improved test results reflect their increased appreciation for discipline. They are a pleasure to teach and I look forward to seeing their continued progress.

(Or, 4 stars)
Review written by Paul Fleckney
• WitTank Presents: The School – 6.20pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

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