A Welcome

Two hundred-odd venues, a couple of thousand operating comedians, but not one website dedicated to the London comedy scene? Why not? Because the world’s a crazy, crazy place, my friends.

This where LondonisFunny comes in. Solely about comedy, solely about London. And in late noughties, if the bank manager doesn’t get you, the increasingly pissed off Mother Nature will – folks, we need some serious cheering up.

So make this your first stop for up-to-date listings; they’ll tell you what’s on near you, or in town, and who are the pick of the bunch.

You can waste your boss’s time by browsing our features. We will have profiles of comedians, previews/interviews and also articles written by the comedians themselves. They will come in three formats: The Rant, which put comics on a soap boxThe Comedians’ Guide to London (self-explanatory) and My First Gig(ditto).

Reigning in the bravado for a second, many of the little tweaks and nice touches will gradually appear over coming weeks and months, including a comedians’ glossary and venue guide. So what you see now is about 80% of what it will be by Christmas.

Think of it as seeing a nice cute puppy growing up to be a big slobbering Red Setter who you love playing with. And should all go to plan, we have plans to extend the site next year, enabling all sorts of exciting shenanigans…

Click away, funsters.

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