Amy Howerska was *that* close to being a professional skydiver

Edinburgh intros #24: Amy Howerska is a Welsh “sasspot” who has done stand-up in London, New York and now Edinburgh with her full debut show 

Amy Howerska comedian

Pic by Karla Gowlett

1. Tell us a bit about the show.
Well, all my family are professional skydivers and many of them are ex-military. Unsurprisingly with this combination they are also all quite mental. I mentioned this to Stuart Goldsmith at End of the Road festival last year and he said I must do my first Edinburgh about that. It’s basically all his fault. So that’s what the show is about. Growing up with extreme sports lunatics. In Swansea. Which is super relatable … right?

2. What’s your favourite bit?
I do a routine about James Bond and post-traumatic stress disorder (lol o’clock) that I am very fond of. I also bang on about funerals a lot. Mostly I enjoy just getting to say all the crazy stuff that my sister has said over the years verbatim.

3. If your show were a dog, what breed would it be?
An absolute mongrel with a strong immune system.

4. What’s the walk-on music?
Shirley Bassey versus the Propellerheads, History Repeating. It’s just a cracking tune.

5. Who will you be living with and how do you expect that to go?
I’ll be living with Sarah Benetto, Paul Duncan McGarrity, and Paul Savage. With guest appearances from Andrea Hubert and Ryan Cull. I’ve lived with Bennetto before, she’s a dream. I’ve not lived with the others but I know most of them pretty darn well. I am sure that we will have a lovely time. Although I’ve heard that Cull is an environmental health issue.

6. What will your daily routine be?
A lie in!!! I am looking forward to a month of lie ins!! I’ve had to work loads getting the money together for Edinburgh and travelling about previewing so I’m knackered. Mainly I’ll go and do my shows, avoid anyone who is having mental breakdown and try not have one myself.

7. Do you enjoy the Fringe?
I feel like every year I learn how to do the Fringe a little better. In previous years I’ve been doing late shows, or hosting Spank. So nights were quite boozy and raucous with guest appearances from strangers’ willies. I think this year will be a little more sedate. I’ve been having a dry July in preparation. I’m going to sit in my room with my bedsocks on rinsing Netflix … you can remind me of this when you find me in the Loft bar at 3am being a bellend.

8. What is a “sass pot” exactly? I think I know what you mean, and you strike me as one, but would you mind really pinning this one down for us all?
Sasspot is a confident, strong female, who perhaps has a mild attitude problem. Sasspot is also Sarah Bennetto’s nickname for me. I guess it’s because I can be a bit mouthy sometimes. It’s how I was raised, not to take any shit from anyone. The title of the show is also a bit of a play on words as many of the men in my family have been in a particular part of the military and basically they raised me to be a pain in the arse as opposed to being some lilting vapid social expectation of femininity.

10. What did you learn from doing stand-up in NYC?
When I came back from NYC I definitely had a more succinct style. American stand-up is very slick, compared to the British more expressionist way of doing things. I’ve lost it though now, I still slip back into talking too quickly and waffling. But I’ve retained the bluntness, I don’t think that will ever leave me.

11. Who do you look at in comedy and think, ‘yeah I want to do that’? In other words, who do you envy?
There are so many comics I admire Dylan Moran, He’s incredible. His hit rate, watch a DVD of his and you never go more than five or six seconds without laughing. The set up is almost as good as the punchline. He’s a great mixture of the surreal and the mundane. I really admire Tony Law and Maria Bamford and Lou Sanders always make me laugh. I bloody love surreal weird comedy. I grew up on Vic and Bob so that Is what makes me cry with joy. I also love power houses like Wanda Sykes…now that lady is a proper Sasspot.

Amy Howerska: Sasspot is at the Gilded Balloon at 6.45pm

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