Edinburgh Fringe 2009

Edinburgh Review: Keith Farnan

Ben Clover decides Keith Farnan’s show on prejudice is more a lecture than a comedy gig.Keith Farnan seems like a very nice man but this is the worst thing I saw at the Fringe. I feel bad saying it because the concept behind the show is a noble one. It works around the theme of(…)

Edinburgh Review: Paul Sinha

If.Comedy Award nominee Paul Sinha has produced one of the finest, funniest shows on the Fringe with 39 Years of Solitude, says Paul Fleckney. I know this is really reductive, but here, roughly, is the rhythm of five minutes of Paul Sinha’s show: silence, silence, titter, silence, laugh, silence, silence, silence, HUGE laugh. During the(…)

Edinburgh Review: Trevor Lock

Trevor Lock’s spinning plates act puts him in a different league to some bigger comics, writes Ben Clover. It’s no insult to Trevor Lock to say he shares many of the characteristics of the more famous Lock in British comedy. Like Sean he has a totally unique well-spring of gags, a chippy absurdism and glasses.(…)

Edinburgh Review: Ed Aczel

Adjust your eyes to Ed Aczel’s low-wattage comedy, and you’re in for a funny hour of anti-comedy, writes Ben Clover. Brilliant timing is the thing about Ed Aczel. Brilliant timing not telling jokes. He trips you up so you’re expecting something, then boom! Nothing. His act can be a bit confusing until your eyes adjust(…)

Edinburgh Review: Delete the Banjax

Sketch quartet Delete the Banjax put on one of the best hours you will find in the free festivals, writes Paul Fleckney. Much like the world 100 snooker rankings and Sainsbury’s sausage range, sketch comedy has real strength in depth at the moment. And it remains high quality right down to the Edinburgh free festivals(…)

Edinburgh Review: Rhod Gilbert

Rhod Gilbert has made name for himself as a wickedly funny ranter at life’s minutiae, but his new show is more of a squeak, says Julian Hall. There can be no greater comedic challenge than following up a truly inspired show with another barnstormer twelve months later and to be fair to Rhod Gilbert he(…)