Edinburgh Review: Kent Valentine

An hour with spindly Aussie Kent Valentine is a delightful one, writes Paul Fleckney, with glimpses of excellence, if few big laughs. Yes, humour can be found in dark and morbid subjects – but so many comics head straight for the sick stuff, it makes upbeat comedians a rare commodity. Kent Valentine is one such(…)

Edinburgh Review: Sanderson Jones

Sanderson Jones’ triumph-over-adversity show lacks the material and emotional impact to match the enthusiasm and graft. The trouble with calling a show Another Heartbreaking But Ultimately Life-Affirming Show About Death is that you know what is going to happen, and consequently Sanderson Jones’ show lacks surprises, or killer lines to punctuate the stories. It is(…)

Edinburgh Review: Tom Basden

Julian Hall is utterly charmed by the latest installment in Tom Basden’s comedy development – Now That’s What I Call Music-Based Comedy! If Tom Basden’s gig were a date with each and every one of the audience I would have to tell him: “You had me at Obamas in Pyjamas”. The picture of America’s first(…)

Edinburgh Review: Stephen K Amos

Thin on material and guilty of weakly rehashing a famous comedy routine, Stephen K Amos is far from his crowd-pleasing self, says Jay Richardson. With remarkable shamelessness, Stephen K Amos promises a guaranteed, feelgood ending to his show, fails to deliver a big laugh to finish on and then steals the idea that made Brendon(…)

Edinburgh Review: Laura Solon

Julian Hall finds that Laura Solon’s surprise Perrier Award triumph in 2005 was far from a fluke, as she makes her first return to Edinburgh since then. Proclaimed ‘Queen of the Fringe’ in 2005, Laura Solon has returned to Edinburgh with a show that vindicates her Perrier crown and promises plenty for the future.

Edinburgh Review: Daniel Kitson

Daniel Kitson is the comic that most comics look up as being top of the tree, and his 2009 demonstrates why, says Paul Fleckney. If you go to see someone you think is basically a genius at what they do – be it music, comedy, sport, whatever – it is quite easy to lose the(…)