Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Edinburgh Festival review – Mike Wozniak

Egg and Spoon by Mike Wozniak is so easy to listen to, the brilliance of the jokes could slip by unemphasised, says Ben Clover. If Mike Wozniak’s testes are half as productive as his imagination his wife should be pregnant in no time. Not the way I’d normally begin a review but the moustachioed comic’s(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Stephen Carlin

Stephen Carlin’s show is worth seeing but it but didn’t win over a chilly Monday night crowd, writes Ben Clover. Stephen Carlin is a genial man with some deft material but it wasn’t enough to conquer a chilly crowd on a Monday night. The bearded Scot’s bits on golf, Aberdeen amusement park Codonas’ and putting(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Abandoman

Abandoman is a gloriously uncynical, party-starter of a show, writes Paul Fleckney. Who thought improvised hip-hop comedy could be so good?   As someone who’s more Steve Davis than Kriss Akabusi, Abandoman shouldn’t be my cup of tea. The musical double act is a high-energy, whoop-prone and extrovert and it’s completely infectious – this is probably the most(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Jonny Sweet

Let’s Just Have Some Fun … by Jonny Sweet is impressive enough for last year’s Best Newcomer to go one better, says Ben Clover. The Pleasance Beside could soon become a talismanic venue. It was this spangly annex that hosted last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Tim Key, and in Jonny Sweet, last year’s Best(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Andrew Lawrence

The same freakish, creepy delivery that has served Andrew Lawrence so well is still in place, but is being used to make straightforward points about M&S sandwiches and Cocopops in Too Ugly For Television, writes Ben Clover. Andrew Lawrence is quite different these days. I warned my friend before he started that there was no(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – John-Luke Roberts

John-Luke Roberts’ debut show is a bloody pearler, writes Paul Fleckney, precocious, ingenious and fun. Yesterday I got told by John-Luke Roberts that “every relationship I’ve ever been in has been a bet that got out of hand”. The chap next to me has reviews that are “suspiciously short, with a lot of dot dot(…)