Edinburgh Festival review – Dan Antopolski

Dan Antopolski’s follow-up to the sublime Silent But Deadly doesn’t quite hit the same heights, but that’s not necessarily the bad thing. When Catch 22 author Joseph Heller was asked by a nasty journalist if it bothered him that he hadn’t written anything as good since he replied: “That’s ok, neither has anyone else.” At(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey‘s debut is impressive, writes Paul Fleckney, but he’ll be better once he’s developed a style of his own. More good news for Russell Howard fans – you have a ready-made replacement waiting in the wings: Chris Ramsey. The 24-year-old Geordie is making his Edinburgh debut this year in a manner that makes a(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Arj Barker

It’s 13 years since Arj Barker was crowned Best Newcomer, and the Flight of the Conchords star has lost none of his easy-going brilliance, says Julian Hall. This is one of the easiest hours of comedy I have had on the Fringe this year and I don’t mean that in anything but a good way.(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Greg Davies

We Are Klang and Inbetweeners star Greg Davies will make you laugh, and laugh hard in his story-telling Edinburgh show. A big man with a big reputation, Greg Davies had only something to lose by doing a solo Edinburgh show, but not only has he absolutely nailed it, he’s made it look like a cinch(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Mark Allen

Some wonderful original touches elevate Mark Allen’s Go Slow project, but it could have been even better, writes Paul Fleckney. The first thing to say about Mark Allen’s Go Slow is not to be put off by the 90-minute running time. Not letting time dictate your life is very much what the show is about(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – The Horne Section

Brainchild of Alex Horne, The Horne Section is a triumphant, hugely fun addition to the canon of late-night Fringe shows, writes Paul Fleckney. To give you an idea of how much fun people were having at the Horne Section, a technical hitch late on in the show that threatened to spoil the finalé – not(…)