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Edinburgh Festival 2011 – reviews round-up

5 stars – Andrew Maxwell, James Acaster, Josh Widdicombe, Tim Key, Adam Riches 4.5 stars – Rich Hall, Diane Spencer, Paul Sinha, Andy Zaltzman 4 stars – Zoe Lyons, Lou Sanders, David Morgan, Sam Simmons, Kerry Godliman, Idiots of Ants, Max and Ivan, Seann Walsh, Alex Horne, Nick Helm, Michael Workman, John Robins, Tim Vine,(…)

Edinburgh Fringe who’s who #5 – top 20 Free Fringe shows

Not only does the Free Fringe have the moral high ground on the rest of the festival, there are some good shows to be found, too! It’s perfectly possible to spend £12 on a load of rubbish elsewhere in Edinburgh so mix it up with some Free Fringe action as well.   • 1.30pm. Beckett(…)

EiF’s top 40 Edinburgh festival tips (part 2)

Ladies and gents, the final 20, in chronological order for your convenience …  EiF’s top 40 Edinburgh tips (part 1) • 7.30pm, 11.15pm. Sarah Millican – Thoroughly Modern Millican A powerhouse in comedy these days, Millican is at the top of her game. Now at the larger Assembly following last year’s show at the Stand Comedy(…)

EiF’s top 40 Edinburgh festival tips (part 1)

Ladies and gents, the first 20, in chronological order for your convenience … EiF’s top 40 Edinburgh tips (part 2) • 2.30pm, 3.40pm, 6.20pm. Simon Munnery – Hats Off to the 101ers, and Other Material Alternative comedy hero and gentle, thoughtful stand-up.Munnery has wider appeal these days while remaining utterly unique. This year’s show includes a(…)

Edinburgh Fringe who’s who #4 – top 10 newcomers

This year is all about the newbies. The Fringe brochure may not exactly be name-dropping like a garrulous taxi driver, but there’s plenty of hot new talent to be found. And that’s kind of how it should be, surely? Maybe a few more flourishing comics could be persuaded into giving the Edinburgh greenhouse a miss,(…)

Edinburgh Fringe who’s who #3: comedy in the face of disaster

Natural disasters, global recession, personal tragedy – not all is well with the world, as this year’s batch of Edinburgh shows points out. And it’s not just the topical comics who’ve noticed …   • Gareth Richards – It’s Not the End of the World(8.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard A comic full of gentle observation and whimsical(…)