Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Edinburgh Festival review – Sheeps

Medium-strength whimsy with flashes of greatness … Sheeps‘ catchphrase “Some brilliant moments” is very apt. There certainly are some in this sketch troupe’s collection of skits but the self-deprecation does them an injustice: this is a pretty solid hour of medium-strength whimsy with flashes of greatness. And while the material doesn’t always live up to(…)

Edinburgh review – Zoe Lyons: Clownbusting

Another classy show from the former Best Newcomer nominee … Zoe Lyons has chalked up another classy show. With her 40th birthday in sight, she is assessing her achievements so far, the only thing standing between her and an existential crisis being a “couldn’t give a shit” attitude. Out of it has come a very(…)

Edinburgh Festival 2011 – reviews round-up

5 stars – Andrew Maxwell, James Acaster, Josh Widdicombe, Tim Key, Adam Riches 4.5 stars – Rich Hall, Diane Spencer, Paul Sinha, Andy Zaltzman 4 stars – Zoe Lyons, Lou Sanders, David Morgan, Sam Simmons, Kerry Godliman, Idiots of Ants, Max and Ivan, Seann Walsh, Alex Horne, Nick Helm, Michael Workman, John Robins, Tim Vine,(…)

Edinburgh review – Lloyd Langford: The Cold Hard Facts of Life

Bit of a rollercoaster, this one. It didn’t start too well when only half the audience clapped when Lloyd Langford introduced himself. Why there was such a soporific mood in the room is hard to pinpoint: it’s Friday night, 10pm, the Stand V seems a good room to see comedy and is a handy addition(…)

Review – Brett Goldstein Grew Up In A Strip Club

This has to be the most low-key show about strip clubs you’ll ever see. Perhaps Brett Goldstein has seen enough gloss, sheen and sequins for a lifetime, and you can hardly blame him – he spent an extraordinary period of his late youth helping to run a strip club in Marbella that his father had(…)

Review – the Two Wrongies

Ouch … Ronnie Corbett bemoaned the coarseness and crudity of modern comedy recently, yet one rather doubts he’d seen The Two Wrongies, as the spectacle would have rendered him speechless. Unquestionably, he and Ronnie Barker spent more hours in women’s clothing than Avis Cockbill and Janine Fletcher will over the festival, their various costumes and(…)