Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Edinburgh Fringe who’s who #1 – the johnny foreigners!

Honestly, they come over ‘ere, takin’ our gigs! Here’s a guide to some of the comics who are jetting in to Edinburgh from across the globe … We’re not talking about your Rich Halls and Tony Laws here, who are well known in the UK from years of hammering the UK’s comedy clubs and theatres.(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Nick Helm

A similar show to last year but still massively enjoyable and with plenty of brilliant touches Nick Helm was quite the surprise package last year, his bombastic piledriver of a show having some of the most memorable moments of any show. This year’s one is a similar concoction of cheesy one-liners and life-affirming rock sing-a-longs,(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Josh Howie

The enigmatic stand-up is at it again … After last year’s blistering gag fest that tripped over itself in looking for laughs, Josh Howie has softened things up to a degree, with a simpler show in which he gets the audience to assess how much of a dick he is. He presents three scenarios –(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Mark Dolan

Chuggers, inadequacy with women, and booze – this is pretty unimaginative stuff from Mark Dolan Bit of a disappointment, this. For such a well-regarded comic Mark Dolan’s show this year leaves me feeling pretty lethargic. There are precisely zero memorable lines in a show that simmers along nicely without ever coming to the boil. He(…)