Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Edinburgh Festival review – Dregs

A new double act misfire in their debut but show plenty of promise Bit of a mixed bag this one. There’s a lot to like about Dregs, maybe they’re something for another year. Dregs are a young double act (Mark Smith and Max Dickins) making their Edinburgh debut with a sketch show that is helped(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Michael Workman

A gifted man with a moving story to tell, just make sure you don’t go in expecting Jimmy Carr This is a show that will stay with me long after the Fringe is done this year. I know virtually nothing of Workman going into this show and it seems neither does the meagre audience. There(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Holly Walsh

Holly Walsh’s debut show flies far better than her cardboard helicopter did, even if it doesn’t soar Holly Walsh’s Edinburgh debut, Hollycopter, is a story-based show, in which she tells the tale of her ill-fated participation in the Worthing Birdman Contest, which involved jumping off Worthing pier in a flimsy home-made construction. A year ago(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Joey Page

Out-there surrealist Page has an impressive command of language but still wears his influences a little heavily “I’m the David Bowie of comedy,” says Joey Page, tongue-in-cheek, thank the lord. If he means wearing dandyish clothing, then correctomundo. If he means constantly threatening to be either utter brilliance or utter shite, then yes, spot on(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Mick Ferry

A decent hour from a circuit stalwart Mick Ferry is the sort of comic you associate more with comedy clubs than Edinburgh. At 42, he’s well-established on the circuit and not unlike many of his peers has a bunch of material on married life and how weird teenagers are. How to turn the 20-minute treadmill(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – John Robins

Robins puts the boot into militant atheists and Banksy in this impressive show While the crowds pack out the Udderbelly to listen to Frisky and Mannish perform their defiantly unfunny takes on crap pop songs, the eyes of the indie dweebs among us will have been drawn to this show nestling quietly in the listings.(…)