Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Edinburgh Festival review – Kerry Godliman

Godliman successfully brightens up a soggy day at the Fringe for one of our reviewers … On the grimmest day of weather the Fringe has yet seen, Kerry Godliman brightened up one of the Pleasance’s dingiest sheds round the back of the Courtyard. While other acts that day seemed subdued by the rain, the south(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Sam Simmons

An angry man, even before the stag do piped up … When you think of whimsy in comedy, you think of fey delivery, drawings and a stage littered with props. Australian surrealist Sam Simmons does all of these apart from the fey delivery. Sam Simmons is an angry man – which is surprising for a(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – David Morgan

Morgan’s charisma, fresh face and Jedwardian quiff suggest a straight-to-TV career trajectory – and his early afternoon Fringe show is a treat Massive cliché alert – David Morgan is a star in the making. He loves audiences and audiences love him. Or at least, they did in the show I saw. And it wasn’t an(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Margaret Cho

A below-par show from Cho … It’s ten years since Margaret Cho’s last Fringe visit and so you would think that she would have plenty to talk about for her return, especially given her political activism that has seen her hounded by Republicans for the stick she has given to George Bush and then to(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Jason Cook

Jason Cook works hard to please his devoted following with an undemanding, enjoyable hour It’s only the second day of the Fringe and Jason Cook has virtually sold out his 175-odd seat venue in the Pleasance. You can tell from how they’re primed for entertainment from the get-go that this is a room packed with(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Lou Sanders

A technicolour joy, if an acquired taste … I don’t think it would take you long to work out if you like a Lou Sanders show or not. “I’m shambolic” is pretty much the first thing she says. It’s not an apology, it’s not an “I’m crazy, me!” attention thing – it’s a warning. If(…)