Edinburgh Festival review – Dave Eastgate

He’s known in his homeland for his work on Australia’s Got Talent and the X-Factor, but Eastgate’s hour is pretty woeful If the rock and roll fantasy doesn’t work out, making it into a thinly veiled comedy show is one option, so long as you don’t forget the ‘comedy’ bit. Flight of the Conchords have(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Alex Horne

As with other Horne shows, this has an innocent joy, originality and bags of ideas – though for once he has bitten off more than he can chew Is Alex Horne a sadist? The nice man of comedy seems determined to make his job as hard as possible, leaning so heavily on technology and audience(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Joe Wilkinson

An occasionally excellent debut from the star of Him and Her Joe Wilkinson is best known for playing oddball Dan in BBC3 hit sitcom, Him and Her. The phrase “BBC3 hit sitcom” should have have all sensible people running for the nearest hill they can find, but it is a decent show and Wilkinson the(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Tim Key: Masterslut

So what’s the verdict on probably the most-anticipated show of this year’s Fringe …? I wrote a couple of weeks back about how Tim Key might follow up Sultcracker, and Key told of how his 2009 award-winning show was casting a mighty shadow over his prospective new one. Well I’m happy to say that Masterslut steps(…)

Edinburgh Festival review – Tom Green

There’s some listlessness in the audience but Green just about does enough to justify his billing “He’s hosted Letterman, he’s introduced Saturday Night Live, he’s been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine …” It’s handy that the PA at the top of the show does some of my work for me in contextualising Canadian(…)