Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Jenny Fawcett – Edinburgh Festival review

Tap-dancing sexual harasser Jenny Fawcett, the creation of Louise Ford, is an impressive new character who is both dark and preposterous A character that that brings to mind Enid Blyton, Victoria Wood and the League of Gentleman can only be a good thing – and that’s what Jenny Fawcett does. Louise Ford’s (one half of Ford(…)

Andrew O’Neill – Edinburgh Festival review

A unique, under-rated comic, Andrew O’Neill is in the form of his life. If ever you thought stand-up was bland … It’s a good sign when you find yourself chuckling about a show as you write up a review, and that’s what I’m doing right now about Andrew O’Neill’s show. O’Neill really has blossomed into(…)

Neil Delamere – Edinburgh Festival review

Irish stand-up Neil Delamere turns in an undemanding but crowd-pleasing show If it doesn’t bother you that DelaMere Mortal (ugh) feels like a production line Edinburgh show, it’s well worth a look. Delamere is a consummate stand-up, utterly relaxed on stage and a natural at audience interaction (a strength he plays to tonight by having(…)

Stuart Black – Edinburgh Festival review

Comic-philosopher Stuart Black is about the most unencumbered comic in Edinburgh right now You know a comic’s gonna start getting sage on your ass (so to speak) when they start sitting on a stool. With Stuart Black, though, the role of comic-philosopher suits him well. This gig is taking place at the back of the(…)

Andrew Maxwell – Edinburgh Festival review

Combative, abrasive and smart as ever – Andrew Maxwell is on fine form Quite early on Andrew Maxwell’s show, a couple of people conspicuously leave the large auditorium. There is something of an altercation of words. Everyone boos them, and they leave, with little sympathy. Maxwell, it is fair to say, takes no prisoners. As(…)

Helen Arney – how to flirt with monkeys

Musical/geek comic Helen Arney (below with Matt Parker) writes about pulling some moves on a primate, on her trip to Edinburgh Zoo’s new research arm   So far this Fringe I’ve spent five minutes each day singing about the weird world of animal reproduction in my solo show, Voice of an Angle. You might think(…)