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Edinburgh Fringe day planners: £40 budget

Following last week’s ground-breaking piece of Fringe journalism, the Edinburgh £25 day planner, here comes the same thing again – but for slightly richer people yay! With £40 in your pocket for a day’s comedy, you can nudge the balance towards more paid shows and fewer free shows (which for the purposes of the exercise(…)

Edinburgh Fringe day planners: £25 budget

Bloody expensive innit, going to the Fringe. So EiF thought it would provide some “Fringe on a shoestring” suggestions, so you can spend a day seeing top-quality comedy, without spending a fortune. £25 really won’t get you very far if you’re after paid shows, because so many shows cost £10 or even £15. You’re looking(…)

Edinburgh Fringe 2012 – a ruddy thorough introduction

Behold! A leaf through the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe brochure, and some written-down thoughts on this year’s comedy offering     The Edinburgh Fringe 2012 is upon us. Tourists will gravitate towards the Royal Mile and stand around with backpacks. Comedy lovers will roll around Bristo Square and Pleasance Courtyard like tumbleweed, collecting and discarding flyers(…)