Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Luisa Omielan – Edinburgh Festival review

A free comedy cracker from Luisa Omielan … In a cramped, stuffy room clad in stripey woollen leggings, Luisa Omielan shakes her booty plenty much and presents us with the question that’s been gnawing deep into our psyche. What would Beyoncé do? Would Beyoncé break up her brother’s poo in the loo with a stick?(…)

David Longley – Edinburgh Festival review

Contrarian David Longley squeezes laughs out of life’s darkest places Dave Longley must have the most misleading promo material at this year’s Fringe – the smiley cartoon face, the “My Favourite Things” title – if you happen to reach the blurb, you get an easily missed hint that this isn’t gonna be Mr Chuckles’ Animal(…)

Caimh McDonnell – Edinburgh Festival review

Judging by this show, there’s no way Caimh McDonnell is as bad at small talk as he claims, says Paul Fleckney I may have been in the room in the first place thanks to Caimh McDonnell’s PR stunt that is raising money for charity, but nonetheless I couldn’t have hoped for much more charming company for(…)

Bridget Christie – Edinburgh Festival review

The new one by Bridget Christie will make you want to go and let off in the Andy McNab section of Waterstones, says Sarah Sharp There are few people who can stand onstage in a donkey costume and deliver a solid hour of comedy about the shoddy lot of women without alienating their audience. In(…)

Lou Sanders – Edinburgh Festival review

A madcap and fun, if disjointed, hour from Lou Sanders, says Sarah Sharp The stage for Lou Sander’s nice evening is strewn with all sorts of bizarre paraphernalia. A picnic blanket, a stepladder, a mannequin head wearing shades atop a side table, and an actual man wearing flippers in a rubber dinghy. He reads a(…)

Hills and Weedon – Edinburgh Festival review

Hills and Weedon just aren’t good enough, says Paul Fleckney For the second time in a few days I find myself writing a review of a musical comedy act where I was about the only person in the room to think it was a load of rubbish. Hills and Weedon are a very different proposition(…)