Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Kieran and Joe – Edinburgh Festival review

Losing a member hasn’t dented the considerable talents of Kieran and Joe, one of the finest sketch acts around, says Paul Fleckney With the probably exception of Sheeps, Kieran and Joe have to be my favourite of the many young sketch acts around. The main difference between them and their peers is simply the comic(…)

Mark Thomas, Bravo Figaro – Edinburgh Festival review

Moving from the political to the personal has reaped rewards for Mark Thomas in this very poignant and very funny show, says Paul Fleckney This is a very different Mark Thomas show to what you might be used to. For the first time that I can remember, Thomas is doing a show that’s more personal(…)

Russell Kane – Edinburgh Festival review

Self-aware smart arse though he is, Russell Kane has produced another hugely impressive hour of comedy, says Jay Rchardson Tremendous stuff this, as Russell Kane overcomes the outrageously poor acoustics in his ballroom venue, his incessant self-immolation, and hitherto failure to procreate, with a bravura hour of stand-up principally about raising a son.

Tony Law – Edinburgh Festival review

There’s no way to describe it, you simply must see it for yourself, says Sarah Sharp of the new Tony Law show Wacky, weird, and looking more than a little windswept, Tony Law strides onstage and tells us about his half-pirate half-Viking lineage. His front row audience is a line-up of history’s warlords and those(…)

Barbara Nice – Edinburgh Festival review

International fun smuggler Barbara Nice gets the whole room grinning from ear-to-ear, says Sarah Sharp Hiya luvs! Resplendent in leopard print beneath her snazzy mac and wreathed in smiles, Barbara Nice totters to the stage with more than one stop off on the way to compliment her audience on their various wardrobe choices. She’s bubbling(…)

Dan Wright – Edinburgh Festival review

This show about one man’s Michael Jackson obsession isn’t bad, but nor is it a thriller The stereotype of Michael Jackson fans is that they’re obsessive to the exclusion of everything else, and Dan Wright isn’t going to change that with this show, but he has been somewhat successful in turning that obsession into an(…)