Jim Jefferies – Edinburgh Festival review

Parent-to-be Jim Jefferies certainly hasn’t gone soft in his new show, he still makes vital, near-the-knuckle humour look so easy, says Jay Richardson Looking relaxed and leaning back in his chair for a significant chunk of this show, sharing the benefits of his experience, Jim Jefferies could yet become a good father. No matter that(…)

The Freewheelin’ Cariad Lloyd – Edinburgh Festival review

An impressive if frenetic second show from character comedy whizz Cariad Lloyd Phew! Lots to take in in this show. It had the task of containing Cariad Lloyd’s pretty bulging skillset and her precocious onstage manner, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I would have enjoyed it more if there had been a little breathing(…)

Billy the Mime – Edinburgh Festival review

Shocking, touching, very funny – Billy the Mime has a truly wonderful show, but seems overly obsessed by the dark stuff I doubt you’ll find a more exquisite performer at the Fringe than Steven Banks, aka Billy the Mime. A man once tutored by Marcel Marceau, Banks is making his Edinburgh debut aged 51 following(…)

Chris Stokes – Edinburgh Festival review

Lightweight but highly promising, that’s EiF’s verdict on Chris Stokes … More to come from the boy Stokes, for sure. This was an hour that did suffer from the dreaded “dip”, which is hardly surprising of a newer comedian, but he demonstrated enough comedy chops and likability that I look forward to seeing his act(…)

Lucy Porter – Edinburgh Festival review

Pete Kelly wonders whether Lucy Porter might get an entire show out of undermining Jeff Green jokes Lucy Porter begins by explaining her absence from the Fringe – and comedy in general – over the last few years. She’s been having babies: two children born in such quick succession that she was “pregnant twice in(…)