Edinburgh Festival reviews round-up

5 stars – Dr Brown, Daniel Kitson, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Pappy’s, Tony Law 4.5 stars – Elis James, Kwat, Felicity Ward, Mark Thomas

Mr Susan’s Cheeky Flippin’ Nice – Edinburgh Festival review

Mark Davison’s barmy free show is as lo-fi as lo-fi can get and a lot of fun too There’s a man on stage repeatedly kicking an inflatable monkey in the face. He (the man) is probably about 40, not entirely svelte, he’s wearing a tight lilac 70s deep-cut top with wings, and he’s got handlebar(…)

Joe Lycett – Edinburgh Festival review

One of the more hotly tipped newcomers this year, Joe Lycett, doesn’t sweep EiF’s correspondent off her feet Lycett is here with his pun-intended but -purposeless ‘Some Lycett Hot’. The name tickled me though, I’ll admit: and he’s very upfront about it having no bearing on the show whatsoever.

Kunt and the Gang – Edinburgh Festival review

Always good to kick things off with a room divider. My first show of the 2012 was one of the most talked-about of 2011 (EiF bang on the pulse, as ever), following a publicity stunt involving penis stickers that got both awards and legal threats. So moderate opinions are not an option, you’re either in(…)

Richard Herring – Edinburgh Festival review

The latest offering by Richard Herring measures up well but won’t elicit any gasps of pleasure, says Julian Hall Richard Herring’s male take on The Vagina Monologues was a cult hit in 2002. Ten years’ later his slightly re-adjusted, phallocentric study has been unzipped to commemorate Herring’s quarter century association with the Fringe. Not a(…)

Simon Evans – Edinburgh Festival review

He’s a professorial figure in the comedy world, but Simon Evans could still learn a thing or two about structure, writes Julian Hall Tall, erudite, sartorially adroit, Simon Evans is an aristocratic presence in comedy. He certainly gives the impression of being the master of all he surveys, and he has established himself as a(…)