Matthew Kelly the Musical – Edinburgh Festival review

Some sparkling improv saves what was an occasionally gruelling hour from Matthew Kelly Bewigged with a massive beehive Afro and adorned with a glitter goatee, Matthew Kelly (played by Karl Schultz) sashays his way through his set in a kind of disaffected malaise. With his languorous air and deadpan delivery, he’s a very good performer,(…)

The Silky Pair – Edinburgh Festival review

The breezy and welcoming antithesis to Tubbs and Edward, The Silky Pair present an enjoyable if lightweight show A lively hour if ever there was one. The Silky Pair are comedy duo Kathryn Bond and Lorna Shaw, and they’ve decided to open a shop to sell their wares, dropping into songs, characters and sketches inbetween(…)

Mark Watson – Edinburgh Festival review

A show where Mark Watson’s niceness gets in the way of the funny, says Pete Kelly This was my first time seeing Mark Watson live. Previously, my engagement with his work had gone no further than annually hearing about his latest Fringe show and vaguely thinking that – whatever it was – it sounded like(…)

Mary Bourke – Edinburgh Festival review

An hour of guarded, but sharp-tongued and smart stand-up from Mary Bourke Softly spoken and smiling sweetly all the while, Mary Bourke promises to fuck our pain away with the golden dildo of joy. She’s dry, pithy and more than a little disenchanted with much of what she sees. Her subjects are fair game –(…)

Rhys Darby – Edinburgh Festival review

  Gah! I just want Rhys Darby to own the room. There are some fantastic routines in This Way To Spaceship, and he’s got them absolutely nailed, you just don’t know he’s, erm, present. He’s got the room at his mercy – people buy a Rhys Darby ticket to see Rhys Darby, not because it’s the only one(…)

Pappy’s – Edinburgh Festival review

If this does turn out to be Pappy’s last show, they’re ending on a huge high. Show number six for Matthew Crosby, Ben Clark and Tom Parry is a knockabout classic with some unashamed poignancy to balance the books. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the trio were planning this show. When(…)