Dan Nightingale – Edinburgh Festival review

A nice idea wonderfully executed, that’s Dan Nightingale’s show this year … Deadlines are dreadful. Especially when they come about six months before you actually have to do what you say you’ll do. But this year Dan Nightingale has turned this to his advantage and brought not just one show, but 11 (and a half)(…)

Felicity Ward – Edinburgh Festival review

Aussie stand-up Felicity Ward wrangles a lively Saturday night crowd under control with a brilliant display of stand-up “Jack of all trades, master of none” is the phrase, but when it comes to the comedian’s skillset, Felicity Ward appears to be brilliant at the lot. In her fourth show, The Hedgehog Dilemma, not only is(…)

Suzi Ruffell – Edinburgh Festival review

An impressive debut show by Suzi Ruffell … Suzi Ruffell bounds on to the tiny downstairs stage at the Pleasance Courtyard with all the rollercoaster enthusiasm of someone who’s clearly in their element and loving every second of it. In the slew of stand-up comics laying siege to the Fringe stages, it’s a sheer delight(…)

Totally Tom – Edinburgh Festival review

Outstanding performances from sketch duo Totally Tom who are too good for such a tiny venue Bang, straight in. There’s no mucking about from Totally Tom, who immediately launch into a quality sketch about two self-congratulatory journalists at a press conference, who book-end the show. This morphs into a prison talent show in the deep(…)

Kwat – Edinburgh Festival review

The sketch group formerly known as Quattro Formaggio, KWAT, have a show so good it can bring joy and darkness to the most sketch-weary soul Greetings from KWAT! Wherever the f that is. I must admit, when I sat down in the cramped room upstairs at Just the Tonic, I was not in the most(…)

Bad Musical – Edinburgh Festival review

Bad Musical is perfectly well executed, but the whole concept of parodying musical theatre doesn’t really stand up, says Pete Kelly With the Fringe offering so many “proper” amateurish productions, do we need them to be parodied as well? This is the question that the people behind Bad Musical, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed(…)