John Robertson – Edinburgh Festival review

Aussie storytelling comic John Robertson has a stinker John Robertson is smiling devilishly, but there’s an apathetic hush in the room. The sort of silence that comedians must have bad dreams about. Robertson is telling a story about a confrontation he has with a well-to-do older fellow in a Cardiff shopping mall, and his chosen(…)

Trodd en Bratt – Edinburgh Festival review

New character pair Trodd en Bratt have a totally silly free show that’s a lot of fun – well done them With silly hats and sillier voices, Lucy Trodd and Ruth Bratt bring a host of larger-than-life characters to the stage for their debut sketch show, Well Done You. Well done you for coming, they(…)

Simon Munnery, Fylm-Makker – Edinburgh Festival review

Another weird and wonderful creation from Simon Munnery . Simon Munnery’s having a whale of a time. He’s sat amidst the audience with a couple of cameras on him, and projector screens around the room and onstage. The entire show is conducted from these co-ordinates, with videos queued up, a musician (Mick Moriarty) beside him(…)

Tim Fitzhigham – Edinburgh Festival review

Comedy adventurer (and EiF blogger!) Tim Fitzhigham’s new show is a rollicking good ride. Thank God. Things would’ve got awkward otherwise. Tim Fitzhigham has been injecting derring-do and a spirit of adventure into the Fringe for more than a decade now. He gets through more capers than a pizza chef whoonly makes a marinara. Last year(…)

Roisin Conaty – Edinburgh Festival review

Don’t judge Roisin Conaty from the quality of Lifehunter, says EiF’s correspondent Roisin Conaty is a good stand-up. I know this because I’ve seen her deliver the goods in her full-length show earlier this year. She’s a lovely gobby bundle of joy, finding humour in the even the most ordinary bits of the everyday, serving(…)