Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Michael J Dolan – Edinburgh Fringe review

A bit much for 4pm in the afternoon, but an impressive hour of relentless negativity nonetheless from Michael J Dolan You could hardly accuse Michael J Dolan of misleading the public. His show is called Nothing Will Ever Be Alright Again, Ever; and the first line of the blurb is “You deserve to die”. So(…)

Katie Mulgrew – Edinburgh Fringe review

A naturally gifted comic who can go all the way, Katie Mulgrew packs plenty of laughs into her debut What a delightful hour. From the moment she steps on stage, Katie Mulgrew emits friendliness and charm, and quickly gets into her stride with a few laugh-out-loud jokes – way to put a room at ease(…)

The Pin – Edinburgh Fringe review

In their second show, The Pin nail sketch comedy with room to spare, and a massive pile of cherries on top Love these two. Alex Owen (left) and Ben Ashenden are a pair of ex-Footlighters who are on their second full-length show now, and it’s pretty immaculate. From the flair in their writing to the(…)

Mitch Benn – Edinburgh Fringe review

Musical show by Beatles obsessive Mitch Benn is interesting if fusty You can almost hear Mitch Benn’s offspring crying “oh GOD, Daaaaad, you’re SO embarrassing”, for here is a 43-year-old man acting out his rock star fantasies, performing rewritten Beatles songs as if he’s the fifth Beatle. Or in this case, the 37th Beatle, for(…)

Ivo Graham – Edinburgh Fringe review

Gentle stand-up, beautifully done, by Ivo Graham He really sneaks up on you does Ivo Graham. And I’m not talking about his skulking around in the undergrowth. The first impressions he gives are of a slight young lad whose is almost apologetic for being there and doesn’t want to take up too much of your(…)

David Mills – Edinburgh Fringe review

A show that gets better as it goes along … Even before his show starts it’s difficult to know what to make of David Mills. Flyering outside the venue, full of bouncy patter in his smooth American accent and even smoother suit – “Hey kids, come on in!” – I wasn’t sure if we were(…)