Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Top 20 temporary immigrants to the Edinburgh Fringe

Well, you can’t keep them all out all of the time. Here are 20 of the better “international” acts coming over ‘ere, taking our audiences … Graham Clark (7pm, Assembly Roxy) Here’s a comic that really revs Edinburgh is Funny’s engines. Clark is a striking figure and a smart, thoughtful stand-up. Comes with a heavy(…)

How to do the Edinburgh Fringe on £40

What’s that? You’ve had a pay rise since Tuesday’s How To Do the Edinburgh Fringe on £25 mega-article?! Very well, have this one instead. Three suggested day schedules that will ensure you have a right old laugh at a range of comics … Schedule 1 2.20pm: The Peculiar Case of Kemsley and Todd Two unorthodox,(…)

How to do the Edinburgh Fringe on £25

Settle down, settle down, the smash hit of the media’s 2012 Fringe coverage – Edinburgh is Funny’s day planners – are back! Below you can find three suggested day itineraries if you want to spend a day watching both good and varied comedy, without spending a small fortune. There are three main strata of show(…)

Top 10 late shows at the Edinburgh Fringe

Some of the most exciting moments at the Fringe take place after dark at the many late-night shows – try this lot for size The Stand Late Show – The Stand, 11.30pm This is probably the finest comedy club on this island, at its best. Raucous, but not in a stag do/comedians stripping way. Rich(…)