Eleanor Thom: I Am Bev – Edinburgh Fringe review

A fine first outing for Sheffield housewife Bev, but her creator Eleanor Thom should show a little killer instinct The various members of sketch sextet Lady Garden have now repotted themselves into different comedy incarnations, and it is Eleanor Thom who has made the first stab at a solo show, and in Sheffield housewife with(…)

Joe Bor is Jasper Cromwell Jones – Edinburgh Fringe review

Sending up posh people isn’t the most original idea, but Jasper Cromwell Jones is a jolly good comic character who channels the spirit of Bertie Wooster Joe Bor stares out from underneath the huge furry hood of a mountain-climber’s heavy duty jacket. You would be forgiven for thinking this is the gently comic story of(…)

Carl Hutchinson – Edinburgh Fringe review

No matter what he says, Carl Hutchinson is not the Larry David of the north-east Perhaps there should be a Fringe award for flimsiest premise in a stand-up show. Carl Hutchinson’s All the Rage would be a shoo-in. The premise here is so feather-light it seems to float away almost unnoticed within a few minutes.(…)