Peacock and Gamble – Edinburgh Fringe review

Their show is a fun one, but Peacock and Gamble draw attention to their major weakness This was my first live experience of Peacock and Gamble. They clearly have a loyal following of fans who’ve grown to love the pair’s shambolic and fairly old-fashioned double-act dynamic. Even for the uninitiated like myself the video that(…)

Baconface – Edinburgh Fringe review

Stewart Lee’s alter-ego Baconface is a fascinating new chapter in his career … The first thing to say about Baconface is that it is Stewart Lee. He doesn’t try to hide this fact particularly onstage, but there seems to be quite a few Lee fans who don’t that Baconface is the latest chapter in his(…)

Carey Marx – Edinburgh Fringe review

Carey Marx survived a heart attack and now he has a show about it. This is excellent news for all concerned A comedy show and a health warning all in one – yay! The comedy show being about Carey Marx having a heart attack last year, the health warning being, if you are having a heart attack, do(…)

Howard Read – Edinburgh Fringe review

A tough slog for both audience and comedian We probably didn’t need to be told but, at the beginning of Hide and Speak, Howard Read warns us that “this show is a bit odd”. It certainly is. Read, a youthful looking 38-year-old animator, who writes and performs for CBBC, as well as doing jokes for(…)

Tom Rosenthal – Edinburgh Fringe review

Bright lad, could do better, says Pete Kelly It’s almost impossible to dislike Tom Rosenthal. He seems cut from a similar cloth as Jon Richardson – both nice, clean-cut young men who are too obsessional, pedantic and easily irritated to really enjoy their youth. And, also, far too polite to really do anything about that.(…)

Michael J Dolan – Edinburgh Fringe review

A bit much for 4pm in the afternoon, but an impressive hour of relentless negativity nonetheless from Michael J Dolan You could hardly accuse Michael J Dolan of misleading the public. His show is called Nothing Will Ever Be Alright Again, Ever; and the first line of the blurb is “You deserve to die”. So(…)