Sara Pascoe – Edinburgh Fringe review

Sara Pascoe’s show about truth and reality is silly, subversive and opinionated (in a good way) It’s pretty annoying that Sara Pascoe’s main stand-up break so far has come from Stand Up For the Week. It’s like if Louis Theroux presented the Channel 5 60-Second News. She’s a unique comedian with depth and interesting things(…)

Joz Norris – Edinburgh Fringe review

The indefatigable Joz Norris scrapes a win after an awful start From the chaotic but inventive “Weirdos” collective of comics comes the chaotic but inventive Joz Norris, with three strange characters and the sort of cheeky grin that was probably a hit with the dinnerladies. The characters – Mr Gumbo, Rosco and Matt Fisher –(…)

Graham Clark – Edinburgh Fringe review

An hour is a stretch too far for Canadian comic Graham Clark, says Peter Edwards Graham Clark is an amiable Canadian vegetarian who plays on his slacker’s image. With long hair, long beard and a large belly, he has a big friendly bear look to match his genial, bumbling act, but lacks the killer instinct.(…)

Alex Horne – Edinburgh Fringe review

A cunning interweaving of fact and fiction. What’s undeniably true is that this is another delightful Edinburgh show by Alex Horne There is nothing new about a stand-up comic miming to a recording of his work, but that doesn’t stop Alex Horne’s show from hitting the heights of wit and ingenuity. In Lies, the former(…)

Alfie Moore – Edinburgh Fringe review

Being a late-starter to comedy appears to be exactly what makes Alfie Moore a good comedian AlfieMoore has lived a real life. Or, in fact, several real lives. Rather than serving an apprenticeship in the rarified corridors of the BBC’s comedy department or launching immediately into a career in stand-up, the Yorkshireman started out as(…)

Voices In Your Head – Edinburgh Fringe review

Late-night improv show Voices In Your Head appears to pin down performers rather than let them fly I always used to have my favourite Whose Line Is It Anyway? games (Props, Song Titles and Sports Commentators, thanks for asking), and I hadn’t given them a second thought until after seeing Voices in the Dark, simply(…)