Claudia O’Doherty – Edinburgh Fringe review

The new Claudia O’Doherty show is a slightly sarcastic version of what a breakthrough hit might be – and it deserves to be a breakthrough hit It’s getting to the point where Edinburgh wouldn’t be Edinburgh without another inventive, unique and unfailingly funny show from Claudia O’Doherty.

Bobby Mair – Edinburgh Fringe review

Not exactly Tim Vine Blimey. Bobby Mair. I don’t know whether to review him or report him to the authorities. Here’s a young Canadian man who doesn’t appear to have a train of thought that doesn’t end in death or violence or cruelty or some other dark, dark place … Sure, he may be talking(…)

Dan Cook – Edinburgh Fringe review

Former Banjax-er hands in slightly thin homework Dan Cook always had the air of frontman in departed sketch quartet Delete the Banjax, and a solo career was always inevitable once they disbanded – so Community Service arrives with not an insubstantial amount of anticipation.

Bo Burnham – Edinburgh Fringe review

The comic brilliance of Bo Burnham gets a little lost in all the self-consciousness and gimmickry It’s Friday night at the Edinburgh Fringe and this is the hottest ticket – Bo Burnham the boy wonder is back after his first appearance three years ago when he wowed all who came before him (including comedy’s most(…)

Jimmy Savile, the Punch and Judy Show – Edinburgh Fringe review

Mercifully short “Democracy may not be perfect, but it’s the best we have” It was about 20 minutes into Jimmy Savile: the Punch and Judy Show, that the above Winston Churchill quote came to mind. It had become clear that the show was a steaming pile of horse shit and I was searching for succour,(…)

Aisling Bea – Edinburgh Fringe review

Make way for Aisling Bea, coming through with a big, big debut show Well, Aisling Bea hasn’t mucked about. It was only last year that she won the So You Think You’re Funny new comics award (where your maximum set is about 10 minutes), and she’s already slammed down a brilliant debut hour.