John Williams, My Son is not Rain Man – Edinburgh Fringe review

Tearjerker alert! Tearjerker alert! John Williams absolutely pours his heart into this show about his son, Fin, who has autism and cerebral palsy, and it would take the stoniest of hearts to not respond in kind. A burly fellow and a natural raconteur, Williams takes us through the story of their life together so far,(…)

Carl Donnelly – Edinburgh Fringe review

Chalk it up – another superb display of stand-up from Donnelly Show number five now for Carl Donnelly, best newcomer nominee back in 2009 and occasional telly comic. He’s found his inner camp since then, and is a pretty stylish bugger these days, but the style has remained the same – super-laid back, lightly bloke-ish stand-up(…)

Paul Currie – Edinburgh Fringe review

Full-throttle absurdism that has everything but the laughs A pretty striking guy is Paul Currie. He’s packed into a three-piece suit, has a face that’s been hewn from granite and has a real vollbart. He also really really looks like Tony Law in the eye, brow and eyebrow region. He’s not a performer you could ignore(…)

Bridget Christie – Edinburgh Fringe review

I think the phrase is ‘tour de force’ I think we have an early contender for the award … Bridget Christie’s manic attack at institutionalised sexism is a joy to behold, even if – by her own acknowledgement – it’s an unpromising premise, especially at 11.10am.

Rob Carter – Edinburgh Fringe review

Tricky one this. This appears to be a case of a very talented chap who has bitten off more than he can chew for his debut hour. Carter is ostensibly a musical comedian – he won the Musical Comedy Awards 2012 – but he’s pushing and pushing to do a whole lot more (which marks(…)

John Kearns – Edinburgh Fringe review

There was a bit in Wimbledon this year when Andy Murray was a set down in the semi-final to the unfancied Pole, Jerzy Janowicz, and the Centre Court crowd were unusually subdued. There had been plenty of chat following his quarter-final win about how the crowd had played such a big part in Murray winning(…)