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Ian Smith – doesn’t have a wheat allergy

It’s not all glitz and glamour for Ian Smith, he of BBC’s Popatron and Leicester Square Comedian of the Year podium placer. Last Christmas, the lad started experiencing terrible stomach pains. Here is his moving account of what happened next. Person A – “Hey, would you like to try some of this bread.” Person B(…)

Sexism in comedy – it’s as if alternative comedy never happened

Kate Smurthwaite, regular at several Soho comedy clubs and prolific blogger, argues that UK stand-up has regressed to the pre-alternative comedy days of throwaway sexism. Not only is it offensive, she says, it’s boring. Women eh? The trouble with women is… I’m not sure what the trouble with women is but I think the trouble with(…)

Mistletoe and whine – The Rant

Following Robin Ince’s fine Rant is Bennett Arron, who, while being totally down with Christmas, is livid with its pauper cousins like fireworks night and New Year’s Eve. Just light the touch paper and stand well back… So Christmas is almost here. You can tell that as all the shops have started displaying their Easter(…)

The Rant – Robin Ince

Welcome to The Rant, the place where comedians let rip about the things that have been getting right on their wick. And who better to be the inaugural LiF ranter than Robin Ince? Here, he responds to the criticism he has received for organising a secular, Christmas-time celebration.   In quiet moments, which I try(…)