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Alistair Barrie’s fantasy comedy night

One of the circuit’s classiest stand-ups and a Comedy Store favourite Alistair Barrie curates his dream gig, including Steve Martin, Mick Ferry and some Ben Elton-baiting … • Click for Alistair’s gig list for this weekend, including panel show No Pressure to be Funny I’m sure I should really try and push the envelope, but(…)

Pete Johansson – how I write comedy

Envy. Guilt. Desperation. Regret. Welcome to the world of comedy writing, according to big Canadian bear Pete Johansson A couple weeks ago I was asked to write an article about my process for writing comedy. My schedule has been busy, and such was my excuse. But more authentically, I fear the truth of this request,(…)

Carl Donnelly – how I write comedy

Like a chef who takes fresh ingredients and prefers to do as little as possible to them, laid-back storyteller and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Carl Donnelly is a comic who likes to leave his real-life stories a little ‘unwritten’   The quick answer to this is “I don’t”, but I imagine that would be an(…)