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Josh Howie – how I write comedy

After nearly a decade of being one of our finest gagsmiths, LiF favourite Josh Howie has embraced storytelling – and faced his writing demons. About the ideal candidate for the ‘How I write’ series, then Ah, the irony. Writing a piece on how I write comedy, when what I’m meant to be doing right now(…)

Adam Bloom – how I write

First up in London is Funny’s new series of blogs about how comics write comedy is … mischievous motormouth Adam Bloom, one of the circuit’s cast-iron headliners I’m sure that, in subsequent months, comedians writing for this page will go into great detail, explaining the incredible and unique thought process that goes into getting a(…)

Why the Decapitated Puppy club needed taking into the woods

After five years of being about the darkest and dirtiest comedy club in London, the Decapitated Puppy’s tail has finally stopped wagging. Co-founder Bobby Carroll explains why. Brendon Burns is sitting atop a high stool on stage to 40 people, barking away about something horrible. Getting laughs on a hot summer’s night.

Rachel Parris, lady of letters, scrounges off Lord Sugar

LiF blogger and Edinburgh debutant Rachel Parris needs cash and QUICK Previous blogpost – Rachel pines for the ex-flatmate Dear Lord Sugar, I have a business proposition for you that I suspect/know you will be very excited about!

Rachel Parris, lady of letters, pines for the ex-housemate

LiF blogger Rachel Parris is coming to terms with the loss of Caroline … Dear Caroline, How are you?! I hope you are well, did you get the flowers I sent you? I only found out after I sent them that poppies are a bit funerally, sorry! I know you’re not dead! How is the(…)

Rachel Parris, lady of letters, issues a warning to Simon Cowell

LiF blogger Rachel Parris has waited long enough – it’s time to enter a TV talent show … Previous blogpost – Rachel pens a postcard from New York Dear Simon Cowell, Hope you’re well! (you probably are!) I am certain you are as excited about the launch of The Voice as I am. How could(…)