The Spotlight

The Spotlight on… Richard Sandling

Next into the Spotlight on London is Funny is one of inspired sketch duo Kiosk of Champions, and the man who fans of cult films and TV should seek out, Richard Sandling. One man and his videos: Richard Sandling Name? Richard Sandling Where do you live? Benfleet, Essex How long have you been gigging for?: I have just(…)

The Spotlight on… Tiffany Stevenson

First to be profiled on London is Funny is Old Rope compere and actor-turned-comic Tiffany Stevenson. Name: Tiffany Stevenson Where do you live (roughly):Highgate and roughly How long have you been gigging for?: Nearly four years What do you do?: Tell jokes and hope people laugh, I have been described as laconic and deadpan. I disagree with both(…)