The Spotlight

The Spotlight on … Rainer Hersch

Meet conductor and comedian Rainer Hersch who not only does the odd solo stand-up spot on the London circuit, he tours the world performing comedy alongside orchestras. Yes, you read that right!Prior to his huge April Fools’ Day show at the Southbank Centre, he spoke to LiF … 1. Introduce yourself please Rainer I’m a(…)

The Spotlight on … Benjamin Crellin

A New Zealander who has settled on these shores, and a ballsy sociopolitical comedian, Benjamin Crellin is also the support act on Tom Stade’s UK tour this year. Here’s an introduction … Where in London do you live? The east end. Like a rat in a hole. If rats paid council tax. How long have(…)

The Spotlight on … Will Franken

Will Franken is in town from San Francisco. He’s a character/surreal/musical comic of some note, and LiF would like to introduce you prior to his Soho Theatre run 1) How long have you been gigging for?  Hello London is Funny, pleased to meet you. I would say I’ve been gigging consistently since 2002, so a(…)

The Spotlight on … Tom Rhodes

A occasional visitor to these shores, US stand-up comic Tom Rhodes is back in London with a special solo show at the Comedy Café. Here’s a wee introduction … How would you introduce yourself to London comedy fans? I’m a Capricorn and my favorite color (sic) is blue. What brings you to London? The weather!(…)

The Spotlight on … Kwame Asante

A serial podium-botherer in the “new act” competition finals and one of the circuit’s brightest young things, Kwame Asante, steps into the spotlight Where in London do you live? I live in Camden. It’s a great for getting to gigs all over the place and I study in London too. How long have you been(…)

The Spotlight on … Suzi Ruffell

She’s one of our brightest young stand-ups, she’s a heavy cryer and she might have brought down a PR firm single-handedly … it’s Suzi Ruffell! Where in London do you live? Bow, East London, with the cool kids. How long have you been gigging for? Four years in December.