The Spotlight

The Spotlight on … Pat Cahill

              Everyone wants a piece of Pat Cahill right now, but who IS he?Where in London do you live? Stoke Newington. How long have you been gigging for? I dabbled with it at uni (UEA), but properly for 2.5 years. What do we need to know about you? I do daft(…)

The Spotlight on … Daniel Simonsen

He’s a Norwegian comic who’s currently on tour with Simon Amstell – say hello to Daniel Simonsen … Where in London do you live? The east side of London. How long have you been gigging for? I’ve been going strong since 2007.

The Spotlight on … Carly Smallman

Meet musical comic Carly Smallman – actual Londoner, Sunday roast connaisseur, and a dab hand with a “banana”, apparently Where in London do you live? I live in a place called Eden Park in south-east London. Don’t worry, I’d never heard of it either. There’s not much here besides a train station, a Chinese takeaway(…)

The Spotlight on … Matt Rees

Meet Matt Rees, the scourge of any comic hoping to win a ‘new act’ contest in the past year, and, in a way, the next Siân Lloyd Where in London do you live? I don’t. I’m a fraud. I live with my parents in Maesteg. A town near Bridgend in Wales where not a lot of(…)

The Spotlight on … Lloyd Griffith

He went from Grimsby choirboy to hobnobbing with Dudley Moore and the Bee Gees – now he’s a comedian, and featuring in London is Funny’s Spotlight section! This man is clearly heading in the right direction – it’s Lloyd Griffith! Where in London do you live? Well, currently in Shepherd’s Bush, but in two weeks(…)

The Spotlight on … James W Smith

He runs a comedy night that pays tribute to Roger Black, Richard Herring says he ‘shows lots of promise’ and he pretends his granddad is dead – that’s right, it’s James W Smith! Where in London do you live? Somehow, I’ve ended up in the comfortably-middle-class enclave of Muswell Hill, where I’m probably the poorest(…)