Review – Roisin Conaty: Hero, Fireman, Warrior, Liar

Roisin Conaty is at Soho Theatre to show why she won this year’s Edinburgh Best Newcomer award. And you can see what the judges saw in her, says Paul Fleckney. Much of Roisin Conaty’s debut show is spent being self-deprecating about her adult life so far – a struggling comedian, single, recently moved in with(…)

Review – Mark Watson, Do I Know You?

Mark Watson proves that sensitive types can triumph at the Hammersmith Apollo as much as slicker, more mainstream comics, says Paul Fleckney   Mark Watson is always a slightly nervy presence on stage, so it’s no surprise that he makes repeated reference to the fact that this gig is such a big deal for him.(…)

Review – Dr Brown, Because

If ever there was a room divider it was Dr Brown. He is audacious, juvenile, and a bit of a bully, and his show Because is one of the funniest and oddest around, writes Paul Fleckney. “Good evening,” says Dr Brown, 50 minutes into an hour-long show. That’s right, it’s the first time he’s spoken(…)

Review – Asher Treleaven, Secret Door

Ben Clover can’t fault Asher Treleaven for energy, but the Australian comic and Edinburgh Newcomer Award nominee floundered badly at the Soho Theatre Even if I’d caught this show on a good night I don’t think I’d have liked it much. You can’t fault Asher Treleaven for energy, but the Australian comic floundered badly in(…)

Review – Lee Nelson’s Well Good Tour

Lee Nelson’s latest one cements his popularity among his army of fans, even though it’s not the most memorable of shows, says Paul Fleckney It says something about the hold Lee Nelson has over his audience that they are so keen to suffer his sharp tongue. The majority of Nelson’s Well Good Tour is taken(…)

Review: Jon Richardson – Don’t Happy, Be Worry

You want laughter from the belly and the brain? Try the latest show by young grump Jon Richardson, writes Ben Clover.To call this show a rueful meditation on what it means to be happy would be inaccurate. It’s Jon Richardson relating a series of embarrassing anecdotes that mostly reflect poorly on him and a Premiership(…)