Review: Alun Cochrane at Soho Theatre

Ben Clover finds a rare instance of a heckle spoiling more than one show, in watching Alun Cochrane’s Life, Jokes, and Jokes About Life. I’m not sure Stewart Lee hasn’t warped a generation of stand-ups. So authoritative is the Walsall funnyman’s recent book featuring his shows and comment thereon, that you can already see its(…)

Review: Miles Jupp – Fibber in the Heat (A Cricket Tale)

Miles Jupp takes to Soho Theatre the true tale of how he blagged his way into his dream job – international cricket correspondent. Can he make a story about cricket funny, asks Paul Fleckney? Given the number of people who regard cricket as a massive waste of time, it’s a pretty bold move to do(…)

Review: Lembit Opik’s stand-up comedy debut

You wouldn’t normally review a comic on their first gig, but then normal rules don’t seem to apply to Lembit Opik A shiny brogue appropriated as a ventriloquist’s dummy, a media scrum, a lingerie model “girlfriend” and Stephen Pound MP boisterously approving from the front row. Yes, former MP Lembit Opik’s first foray into stand-up(…)

Review – Checkley Bush’s Comedy Riot

A fun variety night of grotesque humour that deserves a bigger audience, but is let down slightly by the admin, writes Sarah Sharp Checkley and Bush certainly aren’t for the faint hearted. Funny they do, and in spades – but of their many fortes, finesse perhaps is not one. Not without reason did this show(…)