Review – Lee Nelson’s Well Good Tour

Lee Nelson’s latest one cements his popularity among his army of fans, even though it’s not the most memorable of shows, says Paul Fleckney It says something about the hold Lee Nelson has over his audience that they are so keen to suffer his sharp tongue. The majority of Nelson’s Well Good Tour is taken(…)

Review: Jon Richardson – Don’t Happy, Be Worry

You want laughter from the belly and the brain? Try the latest show by young grump Jon Richardson, writes Ben Clover.To call this show a rueful meditation on what it means to be happy would be inaccurate. It’s Jon Richardson relating a series of embarrassing anecdotes that mostly reflect poorly on him and a Premiership(…)

Review – Nick Mohammed is Mr Swallow

Last year he produced a superb and touching show about the moon landing, and he is about to be support act on Angelos’s UK tour – but is Nick Mohammed’s latest show up to scratch? Ben Clover finds out. I’m a newcomer to the Twitter and radio sensation that is Mr Swallow and was a(…)

Review – Stewart Lee, Vegetable Stew

Ben Clover finds Stewart Lee’s Vegetable Stew a little more silly and a little less ranty than usual, but no less precise. Stewart Lee isn’t going to let something like gravity interfere with his act. Near the start of Vegetable Stew he says it isn’t a show with an arc like previous 60-minuters, but it’s(…)

Review: Alun Cochrane at Soho Theatre

Ben Clover finds a rare instance of a heckle spoiling more than one show, in watching Alun Cochrane’s Life, Jokes, and Jokes About Life. I’m not sure Stewart Lee hasn’t warped a generation of stand-ups. So authoritative is the Walsall funnyman’s recent book featuring his shows and comment thereon, that you can already see its(…)

Review: Miles Jupp – Fibber in the Heat (A Cricket Tale)

Miles Jupp takes to Soho Theatre the true tale of how he blagged his way into his dream job – international cricket correspondent. Can he make a story about cricket funny, asks Paul Fleckney? Given the number of people who regard cricket as a massive waste of time, it’s a pretty bold move to do(…)