Stewart Lee and Jack Whitehall – FIGHT!

Mr Lee has accused Mr Whitehall of nicking an old routine of his. Surely he wouldn’t try to get away with such a blatant crime? Or would he? Does it matter? Crikey! Old hand Stewart Lee has accused young buck Jack Whitehall of plagiarism! Lee posted YouTube clips on his website of his routine about walking in(…)

Red Rose Comedy Club blooms again

One of London’s oldest and finest comedy nights, the Red Rose, is back, after it made way for a short-lived snooker club that ended up lined in chalk

The Spotlight on… Paul Kerensa

Meet Paul Kerensa. He’s one of those chaps you’ve probably laughed to without realising it, given that away from the live circuit he’s written for Not Going Out, Dead Ringers and the Now Show. Hi Paul! Name: Paul Kerensa. Where do you live?:Guildford, Surrey. Near enough to London for when I need to be in London,(…)

Greenwich Comedy Festival – right first time

A new London festival of mirth kicks off with some BIG comedy names that we haven’t seen round these parts for a while… Well if you’re gonna do something, ruddy well do it properly. The Greenwich Comedy Festival cranks up for the very first time today, and far from having any early jitters, it has(…)

The Spotlight on… Addy Van Der Borgh

He’s an actual, living breathing ‘circuit veteran’, he knows where the old Comedy Store used to be, and he can animate a visa card – that’s right, it’s Addy van der Borgh! Name: Addy van der Borgh. Where do you live?: In my head most of the time, and I can occasionally be seen wandering aimlessly around(…)

Twitter alert!

Hi folks, Just a quick one to say that London is Funny is on Twitter here, where you will learn of our listings pick of the day, new articles, mini reviews and other comedy tit-bits from around the London comedy scene. Edinburgh is Funny is also on Twitter here where you can here the latest from around the(…)