The Spotlight on… Doc Brown

He’s a rookie, he’s a comedy rapper – a rare breed on the circuit – and he’s got more claims to fame than Bill Shakespeare, that’s right, it’s Doc Brown! Name: Doc Brown Where do you live?: Newington Green. It’s between Highbury and Dalston. I used to live in Dalston, which is in Hackney, but I’ve inched(…)

The Spotlight on… Tom Deacon

Name: Tom Deacon Where do you live?: Bethnal Green. It’s a top-draw place, if I ever think “you know what I fancy?… a bagel!” there is always Brick Lane up the road. Plus you may see a rare sighting of a Shoreditch type dressed like a time traveller and without glasses in their lenses. Magical. How long(…)

Why Michael Jackson jokes are necessary

Jack Whitehall and Holly Walsh’s TNT Show and Frankie Boyle were both censored this week for their Michael Jackson jokes. But they should have been kept unedited, as the mocking tells an important part of the Jackson story In the days following Michael Jackson’s death, the BBC pulled an episode of Family Guy, Channel 4(…)

In pictures: Laughterinoddplaces farewell

After 20-odd comedy gigs set in London’s more unorthodox locations – a book shop, a cafe, a comedy reviewer’s living room – Laughterinoddplaces signed off last night with a MEGA-gig at the Museum of London. Richard Herring, Will Adamsdale, Gavin Osborn and others performed simultaneously at various locations around the museum. Jokes were told, beer(…)

The Spotlight on… Tony Dunn

By day he tears the world of insurance a new a-hole. By night he repeats this feat in the comedy arena, conning promoters everywhere into giving him headline slots by pretending to be Stephen Merchant. That’s right – it’s Tony Du Tony was constantly haunted by the spectre of Georgian- period diseases Name: Tony DunnWhere do(…)

The Spotlight on… Andi Osho

She’s been on the gogglebox on E4 and Channel 4, she won the Funny Women 2007 competition and she’s always on hand in Albert Square to deliver a baby… that’s right, it’s Andi Osho Name: Andi Osho Where do you live?: Newham. The third worst place to live in Britain. Take that, Hackney. Newham’s the most dangerous(…)