Twitter Comedy Club – review

Twitter Comedy Club. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Comedians tapping away at laptops, trying to make people laugh down the other end of cyberspace? So, did it work? (Live blog here by the way) Was the Twitter Comedy Club any funnier than going to a normal comedy night? No, of course not. Was it a success?(…)

The Spotlight on… Brett Goldstein

He’s a natural charming bastard of a comedian, he’s a regular at the superb 99 Club gigs across London, and he’s the meat between Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown and Jethro! That’s right, it’s Brett Goldstein! Name?:Brett Goldstein. Where do you live?: Stockwell. How long have you been gigging for?: Two-and-a-half years. What do you do?: I go on stage(…)

The Spotlight on… Jay Foreman

Name: Jay Foreman Where do you live: Kensal Rise. But by the time you’re reading this I’ve probably moved back in with my parents in Stanmore to hibernate from the recession. How long have you been gigging for?: Nearly four years now. What do you do?: A smooth rich blend of acoustic guitar music and sit-down comedy

I’d like a room with a preview please

The Edinburgh festival looms over the comedy scene like a big loomy thing. It means lots of comedians have new shows to preview before August – where are they gonna do that? Errr, how about London, and how about for cheap cheap cheap?! Edinburgh: big and loomy For many comedians, the Edinburgh Festival is a(…)

The Spotlight on… Ray Peacock

Name: Ray Peacock. Where do you live?:Hertfordshire in a posh bit which gnaws at my socialist conscience but allows me to worry less about my car. How long have you been gigging for?: Five years in a sketch group called Big And Daft, eight years as a stand up. What do you do?: When I compere I do(…)

The Spotlight on… Sara Pascoe

  Name: Sara Pascoe Where do you live?: High Barnet for now. Later I will live on in the myths of future cultures. How long have you been gigging for?: 18 months. What do you do?: Jokes and that, mostly about how brilliant I am.