Introducing … David Jesudason, Things My Dad Says

His old man loves Jim Davidson but hates Paul McCartney – and provides David Jesudason with some comedy gold

David Jesudason comedianLiF: Tell us about the show.
DJ: A lot of my comedy is about my childhood and how my dad played a key role in it by driving me crazy. Things My Dad Says started off as a silly idea of just telling an audience about the insane things he said, then it morphed into a story of our current relationship and how he still manages to drive me nuts. The old-fashioned Traditional Asian Dad is a cliche and he’s not like that at all. He’s far odder than anything you’ll see in a mainstream sitcom with a laughter track.

LiF: What’s your favourite bit (so far)?
DJ: The most surprising part of the show is some of the bits I purposely wrote for Edinburgh actually work really well in comedy clubs. I never thought a bit about the cricket team my Dad made me support would be particularly universal but in previews it’s gone down really well.

LiF: Any props/visuals/silly hats?
DJ: Watching people flyering in Edinburgh makes me want to hit my head against a wall. People give out loss-making cup cakes, hurl abuse at passersby and dress like Jimmy Savile. Instead of that, I’ll be stealthily creeping around corners muttering to people who I deem “comedy savvy” about my comedy achievements. Obviously this will fail so I’ve employed a crack team of drama students who will turn the Royal Mile into an art installation. I intend to pay them through an untraceable offshore Ponzi scheme thereby retaining their services but keeping enough distance from them so that I can mock them on stage. Bloody students.

LiF: I feel there’s potential here for a sort of comedy slam-down between your dad and the Shit My Dad Says dad. Would he be up for that?
DJ: Shit My Dad Says is exactly the same as my show but for legal reasons it’s also very different. The Twitter feed inspired a William Shatner sitcom which was as misguided as Spike Milligan’s Curry and Chips. But not as racist (although apparently Captain Kirk did brown up in one of the “deleted scenes”).

LiF: Which comedians does your dad like?
DJ: My dad likes Jim Davidson. Seriously. He also liked Bernard Manning and that black guy who used to racially abuse himself. In my dad’s defence he does hate Paul McCartney.

LiF: Does he like your comedy?
DJ: My dad is my biggest fan of my comedy. He doesn’t find it funny or comedy. He just likes to watch people laugh at his life.

LiF: Have you got any Scottish independence material to crowbar in?
DJ: My Dad’s (actual) views on the referendum: “If Scotland get’s independence who would get the Faroe Islands? We give away too much stuff. We should have at least got North Korea for Hong Kong.”


LiF: What will your daily routine be in Edinburgh?
DJ: As I work from home I have to work round my show which will mean my Edinburgh routine will be pretty dull. I won’t lose any income but you certainly won’t see me wandering around the Loft Bar at 2am hobnobbing with the big guns. They won’t let me in for a start.

LiF: What would you be doing this summer if you weren’t in Edinburgh?
DJ: If I wasn’t at Edinburgh I’d be camping in Cornwall with Dapper Laughs. He’s a member of the Camping and Caravan Club, is a big fan of novelty tent awnings and once had chronic dysentery during Fowey Royal Regatta. Proper moist. 

LiF: Which 3 shows would you recommend to any punters reading?
DJ: Nick Revell’s Closet Optimist. I did two previews with him and it’s brilliant. Also, the Bearpit Podcast Podcast and Inder Manocha.

David Jesudason: Things My Dad Says is at 1.45pm at Laughing Horse @ the Free Sisters

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