Edinburgh Festival review – Kevin Eldon

So how has master of comic acting Kevin Eldon got on in his debut solo Edinburgh show? Impressively, thinks Julian Hall.

Kevin_Eldon2As one of the most ever-present comedy actors of the last two decades (appearing everything from Big Train to Brass Eye) Kevin Eldon is hardly off our screens, albeit mainly in sinister background roles. So, then, to get Eldon performing both solo and live is a rare thing and it turns out it is a real collector’s item.

If it is a comedy discipline, it’s here; stand-up, musical comedy, character work and even something that could be constituted as sketch work to finish on. Past creation, the poet, Paul Hamilton kicks of the menagerie of Eldon’s show offering up some pithy verse on anything from Chairman Mao to roadkill.

Throwing so much into the pot would have a less experienced performer chasing their tail but Eldon is effortless going from the posturings of Stanley Jewthorpe, fictional northern man, to a pension salesman who raps about his wares.

Within the “titting about” there are a number of swipes made at the new comedy order, a veiled parody of Michael McIntyre and a line from Stanley Jewthorpe that runs “Lager? You’re doing it a favour turning it into piss. Especially Fosters.” It’s a clear dig at this year’s new comedy award sponsors but whatever the merits of his criticism you can see, from this show, that Eldon has earned the right to make them and that they are not made out of jealousy.

Four stars
Kevin Eldon is Titting About is on at 2.30pm at

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