Edinburgh Festival review – Late Night Gimp Fight

How much you enjoy Late Night Gimp Fight may depend on how much you’ve had to drink and how forgiving of lowish common denominator humour you are, writes Ben Clover.

Late_Night_Gimp_Fight1Late Night Gimp Fight have arguably the best poster on the Fringe and an infectious sense of fun. Whether you would enjoy this or not depends on if you look forward to or dread stag nights.

This Pleasance show has the same lewd and laddy camaraderie you associate with the typical male farewell to single-life. And like the stag-do, your enjoyment of it might depend on how much you’ve had to drink and how forgiving of lowish common denominator entertainment you are.

To be fair the five-man sketch troupe have set out their stall fairly clearly in their name and you wouldn’t book expecting satire or some high-flown whimsy. But it can be pretty broad humour and there are more imaginative sketch shows in town this year.

It’s very student-y basically, with all the energy and patchiness that implies. There are some musical numbers, sketches of varying inventiveness and interlinking filmed skits.

The skits all feature one or more of the gimps, inserted into a famous bit of film (the Psycho one works best for the unexpected direction they take it in).

The best sketches do some unexpected things with hooded tops and the ubiquitous theme tune for a utilities company. The worst are student-y in the lamest possible sense. But the whole thing is paced well, like the leather of their gimp masks it is smooth if disturbing. Some of the performers have real presence, others less so but you’d have to be a thorough-going curmudgeon to really resent this show.

This student collection is like a puppy with digestive tract condition: often disgusting but uncomplicated and fundamentally good natured.

Two stars
Late Night Gimp Fight is on at 11pm at the Pleasance Courtyard, click here for booking.

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