Edinburgh Festival review – Mick Ferry

A decent hour from a circuit stalwart

Mick_Ferry2Mick Ferry is the sort of comic you associate more with comedy clubs than Edinburgh. At 42, he’s well-established on the circuit and not unlike many of his peers has a bunch of material on married life and how weird teenagers are.

How to turn the 20-minute treadmill into a 60-minute journey/gag fest? Well, Ferry has come up with a show about the impending end of the world – a theme that’s drifts in and out, and is ultimately loose enough for him to showcase his joke-telling.

There are some moments of sheer quality, such as a brilliant take on an unoriginal subject – Lidl – also how couples start arguments with their eyes and a beauty of a Lady Gaga gag. But the familiarity of the subject matters is a drain and ultimately makes it an unmemorable hour.

You feel like he’s hanging onto his rebellious youth, with rockabilly haircut, red Fred Perry top with top button done up, and some references to his old druggy days. Some of that streak still peeps through every now and then, with some routines feeling a bit untapped, such as how irresponsible a father he was to his 18-year-old son, and his penchant for bands like the Dead Kennedys, Buzzcocks and the Cure.

He has a very easy manner and the efficiency you would expect of a hardened circuit comic, and it is a decent hour, though the climax is a bit, er, anticlimactic. It’s a gameshow with cheesy 70s production values, complete with bow tie and spangly yellow jacket and it baffles more than it rouses, particularly a “Stewart Lee round” that would’ve felt weird even if it weren’t undermined by one contestant not getting the joke.

3 stars

Mick Ferry: Sod It is on at 9.30pm at the Gilded Balloon.

What the punters say

Kevin Hughes, Fife: 3.5/5. “A bit hit and miss. Some of it was excellent but some of it missed the mark.”
Scott, Glasgow: 3/5.
James, Cumbria: 3.5/5. “I prefer the older comics, so I liked his style. It was good but I’ve seen better in the last couple of days.”
Review written by Paul Fleckney

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