Edinburgh Festival review – Paul Sinha

Chalk it up. It’s yet another humdinger of a show from Sinha, this time on the subject of his lack of mainstream success

Paul_Sinha4Paul Sinha is one of the most terminally underrated stand-ups on the circuit. Year after year he comes up with thought-provoking and very funny hours of comedy and yet somehow he manages to stay under the radar.

Perhaps his face (or as he puts it more precisely, his neck) just doesn’t fit, but, for the time being at least, the Comedy Roadshow’s loss is very much our gain.

In his latest offering, Looking at the Stars, Sinha tackles this lack of mainstream success head on.

A straw poll of the audience finds that most are seeing him for the first time and, to his chagrin, an area of empty seating remains taped off.

Yet, the recounting of an excruciating appearance on the James Corden hosted quiz show, A League of Their Own, is used as evidence by Sinha as to why comedy stardom is probably not for him anyway.

He also considers whether he is jealous of more famous comics – a consideration triggered by an encounter with Jim Davidson at the Comedy Store. An extended section on this incident is a perfect illustration on what makes Sinha such a fantastic stand-up.

He is very funny on the differences between himself and Davidson (“I like snooker and quizzes but I’d never dream of putting them together,”) and sticks the boot in with gusto, though underpinning the gags with thoughtful observation.

Could this be the year Sinha finally gets the recognition he deserves? Probably not, but that better not stop him coming back to the Fringe for more.

4.5 stars

Paul Sinha – Looking at the Stars i

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