Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – reviews round-up

Here's fun! A bite-sized compendium of all London is Funny reviews at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. Happy browsing … Edinburgh Fringe Festival reviews 2014 ***** Adam Riches – Damn it’s good to have Riches back   ****½ Bridget Christie – Another A1 marriage of comedy and politics Ivo Graham – Graham comes of age in his second offering John Kearns – Confirmation of Kearns’s brilliance Mark Watson – A show with virtually no … wait for it … FLAWS!   **** Liam Williams – The boy done good. Again Luisa Omielan – Another funny and fearless show from Omielan Lazy Susan – Extremely talented humans Will Adamsdale – The Edinburgh Fringe's very own “Just So Story” Alex Edelman – The lad’s going places and no mistake Carey Marx – T’rrific signing for the Free Fringe The Pin – Seriously impressive, innovative stuff Des Bishop – A crash course in Chinese culture – with funnies Rob Auton – The very definition of weird and wonderful Luke McGregor – Turns self-doubt into subtle entertainment Sheeps – Sheeps are officially the real deal James Veitch – A very funny account of taking on email spammers Joel Dommett – Uplifting, funny, and on the right side of nostalgia James Acaster – Another strong and original showing from Acaster Andrew Maxwell – THIS is how you do political comedy Candy Gigi – Being terrorised at 4pm has never been so fun   ***½ Angela Barnes – Barnes has a debut show to be proud of Charles Booth – Tantalisingly close to brilliance Luke McQueen – Odd, and good Lucie Pohl – Loud, fast, and funny Tim Renkow – Difficult subjects handled with impressive deftness Nick Revell – Political comedy with heft and grace Massive Dad – A solid debut from a sketch group with funnybones Sarah Kendall – An original and clever show   *** Fred MacAuley – The year's most misleading walk-on music … Eddie Hoo – Always angry, sometimes funny Catriona Knox – Enjoyable until the audience work takes over Alex Horne – Not quite the laughs to match the creativity Chelsea Manders – More Dennis Wise that Didier Drogba Joseph Morpurgo – Talent, suffocated Spencer Jones – Lunacy in the slow lane Kraken – Undeniably impressive, but Dr Brown looms large Ursula Burns – A sort of Edinburgh Fringe Kate Bush. With a harp Tom Shillue – A Kent Brockman sound-a-like who can spin a yarn   ** Sam Simmons – Wacky pathos that leaves me cold Spencer Brown – Comedy-by-numbers by the returning stand-up Zoe Lyons – A poor showing from a gifted joke teller Gein's Family Giftshop – Funny, but with an unpleasant streak Tommy Rowson – Tentative considering its 40%-proof contents Ed Gamble – Flashes of brilliance before it descends into hack   * Come Heckle Christ – Thou shalt not waste people’s time Brent Weinbach – Shockingly bad, offensive stuff Nick Coyle – Pleased with itself and not funny Mat Ewins – Not even Quantum of Solace had this much padding The GrandeesThe worst kind of student drama-style escapade

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