Review – Lazy Susan, Extreme Humans

Extremely talented humans

Lazy Susan sketch character comedy

Here’s a sketch show with a little joy to it – Lazy Susan, aka Freya Parker and Celeste Dring. The pair are wonderfully talented comic actors, and it appears they have the comic chops to match.

It’s a show of recurring characters – making it arguably more a character show than a sketch one if you’re one for genres – including a very 80s pair of Geordie lovers, a technicolour enthusiastic American teen, and upper-class siblings vying for the upper-hand.

There’s a real subtlety to all of them. Parker and Dring let the humour seep out of the characters they create, rather than forcing a gag at the end of each skit. There’s a maturity and a charm to that, and their performances are defined by an affection towards their creations, and the gusto with which they perform them.

Why it’s called “Extreme Humans” I don’t know – these are believable, sympathetic characters, and the very fact that Dring and Parker don’t have to go to extremes for their humour is one of the main reasons why their such a promising pair.

Review by Paul Fleckney

Lazy Susan – Extreme Humans is at 7pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

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