Review – Luisa Omielan, Am I Right Ladies?

Another funny and fearless show from the “What Would Beyoncé Do?” comic

Luisa Omielan comedian am i right ladies

How do you follow up a show that came out of nowhere and ended up taking you across the world, and the Soho Theatre for six separate runs? If Luisa Omielan was troubled by this prospect, she doesn’t seem it; rather she is taking the whole thing in her stride.

Am I Right Ladies? – the successor to What Would Beyoncé Do? – is another feel-good hour of thoroughly empowering comedy, with Omielan as your party girl host. She may not have the surprise factor that she had for her debut, but it’s funny, and as honest a show as you’ll see all Fringe.

Omielan regales us with tales of disastrous one-night stands fuelled by depression, the lobotomising effects of using anti-depressants, and how Hollywood rejected her because of her body – but she has come up smiling, and with many a moral message to give us, like a sort of feminist He-Man.

There are times where she dispenses with the comedy for a minute or two, urging people not to fall for the lingering sexism that’s still around, or opening up about how ready she is to fall in love.

What saves the sincere sections from killing the comedy is her natural charisma and the fact she so often sends herself up. (and her force of personality also means the sound problems in the room should matter, but don’t). One such bit evolves into a very funny, hyperbolic Adele sing-a-long; in another, she takes her “I am what I am” openness far beyond just words, though I won’t spoil that here.

 It does occasionally feel like I’ve gatecrashed a hen do, but not so much that I would say it’s a show for women, it’s just a quality, big-hearted comedy show full stop.

Review by Paul Fleckney

Luisa Omielan – Am I Right Ladies? is at the Counting House at 10pm

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