Al Lubel answers 10 questions on Al Lubel

LiF gave the guy the big 5 stars last year, single-handedly and immediately sending his career into orbit. Here, he speaks …

Al Lubel comedian

LiF: Tell us about the new show – don’t tell me, is it about Al Lubel?
AL: Ok, I won’t tell you.

LiF: What’s Al Lubel’s favourite bit of the show?
AL: Actually I hate them all equally. That’s not true, I guess my favourite bit is a singing routine I do. And I’d tell you how it goes but I don’t want to give the joke away. I want people to pay for it.

LiF: Clothes on this year?
AL: A big element in comedy is surprise so I don’t want to commit myself one way or the other on that. But I will say clothes on when I’m walking to the venue.

LiF: What was it like to be a kind of “surprise hit” last year?
AL: Kind of a surprise. Thanks for the compliment although I’m not sure when you say “a kind of a surprise hit” do you mean it was kind of a surprise or that it was kind of a hit? I hope you mean it was kind of a surprise because I’d rather it was viewed as a hit rather than as kind of a hit. So what did you mean by saying kind of a surprise hit? Can I submit this question to you as part of my series, Al Lubel is Funny? But to answer what I think your question is, it’s a very good feeling. It’s nice it went well and nice it was a surprise. Because surprise is a big element in comedy. So I guess you could say that I was the joke of the festival.

LiF: Why did Al Lubel decide to stick around in the UK – I’m assuming the decision was taken after Edinburgh?
AL: Well I did go back to LA for a while, but I have been here since February. I think I like being in the UK because my mother is in Florida and the UK is farther from her than where I live in  Los Angeles. I was an only child and very smothered and she never broke the umbilical cord and it never has been broken really, but I’m trying my best to stretch it out as far as possible. And who knows maybe it will break and snap violently back and kill her. I don’t mean that.

LiF: How are things between Al Lubel and mother? Is she missing you?
AL: See previous answer. But yes, she is missing me. And poor thing, I hear she keeps trying to find me. She can never remember where she left me.

LiF: What would Al Lubel be doing if he weren’t in Edinburgh?
AL: Spending all day thinking, why aren’t I in Edinburgh?

LiF: What will Al Lubel’s daily routine be in Edinburgh?
AL: Sitting in my room all day thinking, why am I in Edinburgh?

LiF: Does Al Lubel have any Scottish independence material to crowbar in?
AL: Actually I do have some on it, but it’s going to take quite a big crowbar to squeeze out jokes about me to make room.
LiF: Which 3 OTHER shows would Al Lubel recommend to any punters reading?
AL: Glad you asked. I have three other hour-long shows about me that I can do on request.

Al Lubel in … I’m Still Al Lubel is at 10.30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

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