Edinburgh Fringe who’s who #1 – Johnny foreigner

Comics come from across the world to perform at the Fringe you know. Here are just 20 of them …


The United States of America

Drennon Davis (above), 10.40pm, Assembly Roxy
A show produced by the Pajama Men. Davis is very highly rated, kaleidoscopic comic, who incorporates characters, animation, impressions, skits and stand-up. Davis has an animated series called The Long Legs coming up on MTV’s recently revived Liquid Television.

Eddie Pepitone, 10.40pm at Just the Tonic Tron
Pepitone’s a pretty big deal in the US, although you’re most likely to have caught glimpses of him on Flight of the Conchords or The Sarah Silverman Programme. His nickname is “the Bitter Buddha” mainly because he’s both philosophical and angry. Though you could say the same about Joey Barton.

Billy the Mime, 6.15pm at Just the Tonic Caves
A combo of mime and un-PC button-pressing routines such as “Whitney Houston’s Last Bath”, “A Day Called 9/11” and “The Navy Seal & Osama Bin Laden”. Billy once took classes with Marcel Marceau, apparently.

Rick Shapiro, 6.10pm at Assembly George Square
Another who has been a familiar face in US comedy over the past few decades, Shapiro is in the angry/outspoken social commentator mould, and if that’s your thing, go see. This is his first Edinburgh run since a car accident left him with complete memory loss. No two shows will be the same – which is very much turning a negative into a positive.

Kumail Nanjiani, 8pm, Assembly Roxy
A very likeable and funny Pakistani-American stand-up, who has appeared on David Letterman and The Colbert Report.

Will Franken, 10.35, Just the Tonic Caves
Surrealist comedy from this very popular San Franciscan stand-up and character comedian.

Tim Lee, 5.30pm, Assembly Roxy
A comedian coming from a different angle to most – this one is a biologist with a PhD. He is one of those “YouTube sensations” you get these days (4.5m+ views) and his shows have a seminar/presentation vibe as he makes heavy use of PowerPoint.

Chris and Paul, 8.40pm, Just the Tonic Caves
American pair who have been working together for more than a decade and arrived in Edinburgh as unknowns last year, and bagged a nomination for Best Newcomer. Impeccably performed sketches and silliness aplenty.


Carl-Einar Häckner, 7.30pm at Gilded Balloon
Häckner dresses like a cock-rock guitarist. Once you’ve got over that, he’s a very funny act who throws everything at it – props, musical comedy, magic tricks and stand-up routines. Defo worth checking out.

Magnus Betner, various times at Assembly Rooms
A regular on the London circuit and a superb, hard-hitting stand-up from Sweden. One for fans of Doug Stanhope.



Martin Beyer Olsen, Lars Berrum, Adam T; 6.20pm at GHQ
The PBH Free Fringe welcomes three bearded Norwegians, on which Google has very little information that isn’t in Norwegian.


Michael Mittermeier, 9.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard
Straight-down-the-line stand-up from popular German comic Mittermeier, look out for a short EiF interview with him. See also Paco Erhard and Christian Schulte-Loh.


Michael Workman, 6.15pm, Gilded Balloon
Enchanted LiF last year with his tenderly told storytelling/comedy show, since then he’s bagged the Adelaide Fringe Best Comedy award. His press release describes him as “one of the more unique performers in Australian comedy” and I’d wholeheartedly agree with that.

Felicity Ward (above), 10pm, Underbelly
Aussie stand-up Ward is back at the Fringe with a highly rated, confessional show that was nominated for best show at the Adelaide and Melbourne festivals.

Jon Bennett, 9.45pm, Pleasance Courtyard
A show called Pretending Things Are a Cock, about taking photos where you pretend things are a cock, so don’t expect sophistication, but it’s a show that’s been doing the rounds internationally for a few years now and has picked up a lot of fans along the way.

Barry Morgan, 7.20pm, Underbelly
Cheesy character comedy. Morgan is an Aussie creation: an Adelaide organ salesman in safari suit, who’s not nearly as bombastic as his EdFringe photo suggests, he’s in fact rather delightful and gentle company.

Anne Edmonds, 12.10pm, Underbelly
Another Aussie arrival, Edmonds is less well-known but arrives with many a glowing review. She’s a stand-up and musical comedian whose show is about the humiliating moment that turned her towards comedy.

New Zealand

Square Eye Pair, 2.30pm Gilded Balloon
Award-winning Kiwi slacker comedy about two TV-obsessed friends. Sort of Conchords meets Beavis and Butthead.


Jamie Johnson, Mina Liccione, Ray Addison, Ali Al Sayed; 7.35pm at GHQ
Four comics swap the Dubai ex-pat scene for Edinburgh’s middle classes in what they claim is the first UAE-produced comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Al Sayed and Liccione are more established of the four (and are married, incidentally), while Addison and Johnson are the rookies (the latter also being an air traffic controller by trade).

South Africa

Loyiso Gola and Dave Levinsohn, 9.10pm Assembly Roxy
Should be interesting – some politically charged comedy from two South African stand-ups (Gola is a particularly big name in SA) who “give their unique spin on the post-apartheid years”. In a separate show, young Saffas stand-up Trevor Noah ruminates on the same subject.


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