Edinburgh Review: Dan Antopolski

The man to beat at this year’s Edinburgh is Dan Antopolski, writes Ben Clover, such is the flair and assurance of his show, Silent But Deadly.

Dan_Antopolski1The man to beat so far, Edinburgh 2009’s Roger Federer.No one else I’ve yet seen has the same flair and assurance. Antopolski has a rock-solid hour with punchlines galore. Few other comics tread so deftly between the surreal and the real and the packed room at the Pleasance lapped it up the night we saw him.

And he’s struck a fine balance with this year’s show, Silent But Deadly. I saw him 10 years ago in a student dining hall and was awed then by the winningly-weird material and hair.

Then around four years ago he switched to more conventional subjects and hair, he even had a bit about the difference between men and women that could’ve come from far more boring comics.

But the father-of-two now seems to be at a happy medium between mainstream and the further reaches. But I don’t think anyone would’ve predicted the rapping.

There are two raps in this and very joyously good they are too. There’s another one on the internet about sandwiches, if you like that you’ll love the show, if not you don’t deserve comedy.

The crowd would have coronated him at the end of this show. The only fluffed note was an Oriental intervention at the end. Maybe it was an in-joke, maybe it was to do with the title.

Anyway, most people who know the least bit about stand-up know about Antopolski now. Hyperdrive (a lame sci-fi sitcom he was in) was never going to make him a star. If there’s any justice this show and the online rap campaign will.
Five stars
Dan Antopolski – Silent But Deadly is on until August 31 at 9:20pm at the Pleasance Dome. Click here for tickets

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